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Cats and Cold Weather

Siberian cat walking outside in the snow

Cats are very adaptable animals! They did domesticate into household pets quite easily, after all! But are cats well adapted for cold weather? While their fur keeps them pretty well insulated, cats are also more likely to feel the effects of cold temperatures faster than us humans. So how do you keep your cat cozy with winter fast approaching? We have the information and the products you need to make sure your cat is comfy this winter!

Can cats survive in cold weather?

As resilient as cats may be, the fact remains that most felines start to become susceptible to the dangers of cold weather with prolonged exposure to temperatures below 50℉. If left in the cold for too long, cats become at greater risk for getting hypothermia or frostbite.

For cats that have a thick and dense fur coat, withstanding the colder temperatures may be more tolerable than their short-haired counterparts. However, no indoor domesticated cat will cope well living outside in cold weather.

But this doesn’t mean you have to keep your cat indoors all winter – especially if they are used to playing outside the rest of the year! Your cat can still enjoy the freedom and adventure of outdoor play when it’s cold out! With enclosed play spaces, soft cosy hammocks and cat houses fit for kings, your cat will soon think winter is their favourite season!

Do cats get cold easily?

If you walked into winter with just a light sweater on, would you be cold? Of course! And the same goes for most cats with light to medium coats! But how do you know if your cat is too cold? Here are some signs to watch for to make sure your kitty doesn’t freeze this winter. 

  • Hunched position: The first way you can tell if your cat is too cold is by looking at how they are sitting. If they have their paws tucked under their bodies instead of sprawled out in front, that is likely the first sign of chilliness.
  • Low and slow movement: Cats may be curious, but they are also very smart! When their bodies start to get too cold, they will innately start to slow down and even just sit in one spot to try and conserve energy. This means they are getting too cold!
  • Laboured breathing: Unlike dogs, cats don’t pant. So if your cat is breathing erratically or with shallow breaths it can mean only one of two things – they are either too hot or too cold. And in the case of winter it’s the latter!

It’s important to know your cat’s typical behaviours and if you see any of these signs when they are outdoors this winter, it means it’s time to go inside!

Can cats live outdoors in the winter?

While there are many feral and stray cats that persevere through winters each year, even those outdoor kitties seek the comfort of warmth and shelter. Whether it’s a cat-made den out of leaves in a bush or a cosy indoor cat house, both feral and domestic cats look for ways to warm up when winter rolls around.

If you know you have feral cats in your area and are expecting long term low temps, consider some DIY shelter options to place around your property to help them out! Even just a sturdy box or some old blankets will help to add some much needed warmth to their winter.

How Omlet can keep your cat warm this winter

If your cat is predominantly indoors but likes to play outside in the warmer months, fear not! There are still several ways your cat – and you! – can enjoy cold weather together! Here are some tips and Omlet products to keep your cat warm this winter:

  • Cozy quarters: One of the best defences to cold temperatures, is a warm place to snuggle inside! The Maya Indoor Cat House designed by Omlet is a secluded sanctuary that any cat will love no matter the weather! Make this indoor cat retreat even more luxurious with a faux fur cat bed that is draped with a soft and plush cat blanket.
  • Protected outdoor play: Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean your cat’s outdoor time has to cease altogether. Get your cat the Catio Outdoor Run designed by Omlet to ensure they can have a safe kitty playground to enjoy all year long! No backyard? No problem! For the apartment and condo dwellers, you can install the Balcony Cat Enclosure designed by Omlet to make sure your cat doesn’t miss out on any outdoor fun! Adding an additional run cover to either will provide extra warmth and protection from the elements so playtime can last a little longer!
  • Indoor ideas: And when the temperatures stay below freezing for too long this winter, let your cat use their energy inside with the Freestyle Indoor Cat Tree designed by Omlet. This truly innovative and completely customizable cat tower can be designed to suit every cat’s needs! From steps to scratchers to hammocks and dens – your cat will love their adventure playground all year long!

With some planning and the right products, you can be sure that both you and your cat will enjoy all that this colder season has to offer. And when in doubt, just snuggle your furry friend a little more to add some extra warmth to you both!

Cat lying on Omlet Super Soft Cat Blanket Poinsettia Red and Cream in cold weather

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It is quite well known that Feral cats need Straw in their beds, blankets etc can get damp and freeze.

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