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Cat using the step on Omlet's Indoor Freestyle cat tree

From curious to adventurous, our feline friends possess a kaleidoscope of personalities that are as diverse as their whisker patterns. Just like us humans, cats have their own unique preferences, making them individuals in their own right. So the key to embracing your cat’s unique personality is keeping them engaged, happy, and emotionally fulfilled with toys that cater to their specific needs. At Omlet, we understand your cat’s innate needs and design our products accordingly. The Freestyle cat tree was created for every feline with perfect tree accessories that offer something for every cat.

Omlet’s Freestyle cat tree

If cats could design and construct a playground of play, exploration, and comfort for themselves, they would make the Omlet Indoor Freestyle cat tree. A truly customisable cat climbing tower that caters to the needs of any cat breed, the Freestyle is a one-of-its-kind, innovative solution to offer your cat everything they need to be happy and satisfied in life. 

As cat parents ourselves, we know all too well how important it is for our feline friends to exercise their innate behaviours. But we also know that traditional bulky cat trees covered in carpet are not only an eye-sore in your decor, but a space waster as well. So we challenged our design team to make a modern, sleek design cat tree that would not only complement your interior, but provide your cat with endless opportunities for personal expression and enrichment.

With dozens of cat tree accessories such as scratchers, hammocks, and platforms, you can mix, match and design the cat tree that your feline will love best. Or choose from one of our pre-customised options that are designed specifically for the love language your cat speaks. And if your cat likes to spend most of their time outdoors, the Freestyle Outdoor cat tree allows your feline to enjoy the same wonderment and fun of the indoor option while soaking in the fresh air of the great outdoors in the safety of their outdoor cat enclosure.

The Hammock

Does your cat relish their solitude? If so, the Freestyle Hammock is the perfect accessory offering a serene sanctuary where your cat can seek privacy and tranquillity. Designed to seamlessly integrate with the Freestyle cat tree, the hammock was created with a deep understanding of your cat’s natural instinct to provide a cocoon-like enclosure suspended from a branch. 

The ultra-soft felt material creates a cosy retreat that mimics the warmth of a mother cat’s embrace. Constructed to provide a sense of security and elevation, the hammock allows your cat to observe its surroundings from a discreet vantage point. Whether your feline companion prefers uninterrupted naps, peaceful meditation, or a strategic observation post for playful pouncing, the hammock accessory caters to their individual temperament.

And for the cats that just like a nice quiet spot to chill out and snooze, the hammock can appeal to their needs as well. Be sure to add a cosy cat house and cat bed on the floor so your furry friend has plenty of options to snuggle up and get comfortable on for one of their many catnaps. 

The Den

Designed with timid, yet inquisitive cats in mind, the Freestyle Den accessory offers a multi-dimensional retreat where bashful felines can observe their surroundings while still feeling safe. The curved, semi-enclosed design encourages cats to explore without feeling overwhelmed, catering to their cautious, yet curious nature.

But this accessory is more than just a den; it’s a tailored bridge from apprehension to exploration that allows your feline friends the opportunity to gradually embrace their surroundings. The elevated platform offers vantage points for observing their world from a safe distance while still providing the comfort of cosiness that they crave.

Cat in den of Omlet's Outdoor Freestyle cat tree

The Bridge

The Freestyle Sisal Scratching Bridge accessory is an ideal addition for feline adventurers seeking endless fun and exploration. Crafted to cater to the instincts of playful cats, this accessory combines entertainment and practicality seamlessly. And bonus – it aids in promoting exercise, agility, and mental stimulation which all contribute to a healthier and happier cat.

Constructed with durable sisal rope, the scratching bridge invites cats to engage in natural scratching behaviour which allows for healthy claws and means scratch-free furniture. This durable, horizontal element gives your cat an exciting challenge of traversing, leaping, and balancing from one cat tree to another, mirroring their wild instincts. And for cats that love to adventure, there is no better way to feline!

The Step

Elevate your cat’s world and provide them with the ultimate vertical playground with the Freestyle Step and Cushion accessory. Tailored for those fearless and agile cats who seek the thrill of scaling new heights, the Step empowers them to indulge their innate curiosity while maintaining a keen sense of territory. 

Give your cat a multi-tiered oasis of entertainment by adding multiple sturdy steps to your cat tree and watch their play space expand. The padded surface offers comfort and traction, encouraging your cat to confidently explore every tier. Whether it’s for leisurely lounging, playful pouncing, or simply basking in the sun, the Step accessory promises to become your feline companion’s new favourite destination.

Omlet and your cats

At Omlet, we set ourselves apart as a trailblazing pet care company that defies convention to foster stronger bonds between pets and their human counterparts. Our revolutionary line of cat tree accessories are ingeniously designed to cater to the diverse needs and personalities of every cat, ensuring a harmonious and enriched shared experience. We understand that cats possess unique preferences, and that’s why each cat tree accessory is thoughtfully engineered to align with a cat’s instincts and mood. Elevate your pet care journey and let us redefine the way you and your cat connect, one accessory at a time.

Grey cat using bridge of Omlet Indoor Freestyle cat tree

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