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Omlet Newsletter – Monday, 21st November 2011

15% off Snugglesafe!

Chilly nights can be a worry for pet owners. Although the likelihood is that your chickens, rabbits and guinea pigs will be as-snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug in their Eglu during cold nights, you may want some eggstra reassurance during the Winter to give you peace of mind. The Snugglesafe Heatpad can provide your pets with warm, cushiony comfort wherever and whenever they might need it. After microwaving the pad for just a few minutes, it will provide up to 10 hours of warmth, making it ideal for use throughout the night.

If you like the sound of the Snugglesafe, you will like this week’s special offer even more…

This week get 15% off Snugglesafe Microwave Heatpad!

Buy it for £19.54 this week, usual price £22.99.

Ready to buy? Just add the product to your basket and enter this voucher code: WINTERWARMER

This week get 15% off Snugglesafe Heatpads!

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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 18th November 2011

Qute Makes the Guardian Gift Guide!

News just in, the Guardian have launched this year’s Christmas Gift Guide and not one, not two, but three of our products feature in the pet section! They have selected the Mega Treat Pack for Seriously Spoilt Chickens, the Winter Warmer Pack for Rabbits and the brand new Qute Hamster and Gerbil Cage! A great choice, we think!

But remember, if a Qute is at the top of your child’s Christmas list you should place your order asap as we only have a limited number available for Christmas delivery!

Omlet Advent Calendar

There are only 12 days to go until the Christmas countdown begins, and that means we’ll soon be able to open the first door of our advent calendars. Hooray! Now, although having a chocolate to eat every day is brilliant, and a great way of getting you out of bed in the morning, we have our own type of advent calendar that we think you will love!

For the first time ever we will be running an Omlet Online Advent Calendar, full of special offers and dazzling discounts. Every day there will be a door for you to open, with a new offer hiding behind it, and each offer will be valid for one day only. There are some great savings to be made so make sure you check it out.. We’ll give you details of how to access the calendar on 1st of December …not long to wait now!

The Chicken and the Tortoise

This week we spotted a post on the forum that made us look twice… A link to a video of a chicken riding a tortoise. Yes, it sounds bizarre, but take a look at the clip yourself and you’ll see it clear as day. The full sized chicken is standing on the shell of a tortoise, being carried around at quite a pace. How, or why it occurred, we do not know, but what we can say for sure is that it is quite hentertaining! Click here to watch the comedy duo in action!

Have you seen something similar going on in your own back garden? Then be sure to send us a photo or video!

Click on image to watch this funny clip!

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Omlet Newsletter – Monday, 14th November 2011

Funshades just £4.00!

It’s been a dull old week, and we’ve seen nothing but grey skies and drizzle. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the sun will come out soon, but we do have an offer that will brighten up a dreary day!

This week buy any Funshade for just £4.00!

Available in red, pink, purple, lilac and orange, they are perfect for giving your hens, rabbits or guinea pigs a shady, dry spot in their run, whilst bringing a dash of colour to the garden.

Can’t choose which colour to buy? At just £4.00 each why not go for one of each, and create a rainbow in the garden!?

Click here to buy your Funshade before it’s too late!

This week Funshades are just £4.00!

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Omlet Newsletter – Monday, 7th November 2011

£3.00 off Nutri-Drops!

It’s time to stock up the first aid kit to prepare for the winter sniffles, and this week we have a great offer on one of our best-selling chicken health products. Nettex Fast-Acting Poultry Nutri Drops are brilliant at perking up poorly, tired or weak hens. In fact, they work like magic, transforming sluggish hens within just 30 minutes. It is a unique supplement that carries nutrients directly into the bloodstream immediately, providing a really fast-acting effect.

This week get £3.00 off Nettex Poultry Nutri-Drops!

Buy them for just £9.59, usual price £12.59.

Simply add your Nutri-Drops to your basket and enter this voucher code: NUTRIDROPS11

This week buy Poultry Nutri-Drops for just £9.59!

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Omlet Newsletter – Friday, 4th November 2011


We are very excited to show you our brand new product!  You have waited long enough for this and we know you have been dying to see it, so without further ado …

Introducing Qute, a stylish new pet house designed to look great in your home and be really easy to clean.  A fusion of contemporary furniture and innovative pet housing, Qute provides an ideal house for hamsters and gerbils, that will complement any room in the house.

Qute’s Fantastic Features…

It only takes one minute to clean your Qute
Simply lift ‘n’ twist the tube to secure your pets in the top of the house.  You can then remove the slide out bedding tray for easy cleaning.

It’s fun for pets and children
Qute’s easy access doors and slide out tray allow easy interaction with your pets.  You can watch them running up and down the tube, playing on the wheel, making nests and playing with cardboard toys.

The bedding tray doubles as a mobile play station
The tray can be pulled out and taken into other rooms for you to play with your pet.

You’ll receive the whole package
As well as your stylish Qute, you’ll receive a colourful climbing tube, food bowl, water bottle, exercise wheel and some cut-out cardboard toys.  The Qute is also available with an optional storage compartment which is handy for storing the food and bedding out of sight.

Order Info

Want to find out more? Visit the website now for more information, to see more photos and to watch a great little film about the Qute!

Brand new to keeping hamsters or gerbils? Check out our online shop for everything you will need to get you started. You’ll find some of our favourites below…

We will only have a limited number of Qutes available for Christmas delivery, so please order now to avoid disappointment!

Pre-Order your Qute for £119.99

Pre-Order your Qute with Storage for £139.99

The Omlet Team

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