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#UnlikelyLove Winner!




For Valentine’s Day we asked our lovely followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share their pictures of #UnlikelyLove. We wanted to celebrate the unlikely pairings of animals who you wouldn’t normally expect to be friends and we were overwhelmed with entries. It was very hard to pick a winner but in the end we came to a unanimous decision at Omlet HQ that the winning due was Henry and Lexi the¬†springer spaniel leopard gecko entered by Julie Barrett on Facebook.



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Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon Recipe

As we all try to detox this January, we thought we would bring you some healthy egg recipes to keep you on track with your goals!

Starting with a simple bowl of Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon with Wilted Spinach.



2 Eggs

Dash of Milk

Knob of light butter/marg

2 slices of Smoked Salmon

Handful of spinach

Pinch of pepper


Crack your two eggs into a bowl and whisk with a dash of milk.

Slowly heat your butter in a non stick pan, once butter has melted, pour your eggs in.

Stir occasionally, after 30 seconds, add your salmon and spinach, continue to stir.

Once the salmon has turned light pink, spinach has wilted and the eggs have started to solidify, remove the pan from the hob.

Allow the heat from the pan to continue cooking the eggs and then pour them either into a bowl or onto some wholemeal toast.



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New Run Door Self Fit Kit



The Run Door Self Fit Kit lets you add an extra access door to your Eglu run or Walk in Run.Simply cut out a section of your run mesh, cover the edges with the supplied edge protectors and clip the door in place.(You will need some good quality pliers to cut the hole in your run panel.) If your pets move their toys to awkward parts of the run or occasionally lay an egg just out of reach, the Self Fit Door Kit is just the thing for you! Note: The door opens inwards not outwards, so remember to take that into account when deciding on the location of your new door. If you are using it on an Eglu Go run or an Eglu Cube run, the angle of the Run panels will mean you need to mount it slightly higher to avoid it colliding with the ground when you open it.




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