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Win a Qute Filled with Chocolate!


It’s almost Easter again, yippee, and we hope you have a terrific time relaxing and scoffing chocolate. If you’re planning an Easter egg hunt, don’t forget, Eglus make eggcellent hiding places, but make sure you shut your hens out of their house so they don’t get a chance to eat it first. (Chocolate is very bad for chickens).

Don’t have an Eglu yet? This is the perfect time to start keeping chickens. Not only are they fun pets for all the family but you will have the benefit of delicious eggs every day. They may not be made of chocolate, but they are just as scrumptious. Read more about our range of chicken coops here.

Win a Qute Full of Chocolate!

Fancy getting your hands on a Qute Hamster and Gerbil Cage filled with chocolate eggs? Of course you do! For your chance to win this choctastic prize you just need to guess the number of eggs in the Qute. Send us your answer by one of three ways: email using subject line ‘Easter Competition’, send us a Tweet or post on our Facebook page.

The competition closes at 11:59pm on Thursday 9th April. Good luck!

Hens Living the High Life

You’d think most hens that have the luxury of an Eglu Cube would be happy to stay at home every weekend, but Daisy and pals like to join their owners on their regular boating travels. Val and Richard take their chicken keeping to a whole new level, letting them roam around their beautiful garden all day and taking them on their narrowboat with them whenever they go on holiday.

So, how do the logistics of taking chickens on a narrowboat work? According to Val, it’s actually quite simple! Her three hens stay in a large dog cage, in the covered front well of the boat, so they can watch the world go by during the journey. They choose rural areas with wide banks to stop at and move the cage onto the bank for the girls to enjoy the fresh air during the day, before returning to the front well to sleep. Despite the change in scene, the chickens remain relaxed and continue laying as normal.

Val adores her her pet chickens so much that she even ensures they get their fill of fresh grass while on holiday. If it’s a rainy day, the hens stay on the boat and she will take a pair of scissors outside to cut them snippets of grass to nibble on. Now that’s dedication!

The Perfect Easter Dessert – with no Chocolate in Sight!

If you think a choccy pud might be eggsessive after all those eggs this Easter Sunday, why not try whipping up an Omlet favourite dessert instead. Our Ski Sunday Pie will hit the spot and it’s a marvellous way to use up some of your surplus eggs. Serve up with a big dollop of ice cream and have a nap afterwards!Click here for the recipe!

New Breed of Robo-Chickens

Leghorns, Marans, Dorkings…there are a LOT of breeds of chicken in the world, but have you heard of Robo Cock? No? We thought not. Metallic in appearance and with a well defined comb and wattle, this bird is quite eggstraordinary, and it could be coming to a garden near you.

Bill Brown is the man behind these metal masterpieces and he recently got in touch to tell us all about his unusual craft. He makes chicken statues out of old tools and scrap metal, alongside his other various creations.

It all started when his friends were expecting a baby and he wanted to give them a gift with a difference. He made them a Stork out of stainless steel rods, nuts and bolts. Someone saw the model and challenged Bill to make an AWACS plane, which then saw a flurry of other aircraft requests. Then followed dinosaurs, cats, witches and pianos, until he was finally inspired by the hens in his garden. He created his first model chicken as a gift for is wife and it now sits happily amongst the other hens, Betty, Mutha and Wardrobe. Bill says his chickens have taken over their lives, but we’re sure there’s room for a few more Robo Cocks too.

The Perfect Boiled Egg

If, like us, you’re partial to a boiled egg for breakfast, you may have heard about a new product that’s about to hit the supermarket shelves – the Yowk. A pre-boiled egg, complete with breadstick soldiers, spoon, salt and pepper, Yowk promises the perfect breakfast. No cooking needed, just add boiling water to reheat it for five minutes, et voila. (No, it’s not a joke.)

Alternatively, why not boil a lovely fresh free range egg from scratch? Here’s our guide to the perfect egg: Collect an egg from your Eglu, get some water on the boil and slice some bread. Put the egg in the gently simmering water and pop the bread in the toaster. (You will have more success if the egg is either still warm from the nest or at room temperature and the water isn’t bubbling like a jacuzzi.) When the toast is ready, butter and cut into soldiers. Your egg should be just right now, so lift it gently out of the water and place in a ceramic egg cup. Eat with a horn spoon as metal will spoil the taste.

Now, that was easy wasn’t it!?

Facebook Post of the Week

“Every little girl needs a chicken as a best friend!”LJ Merryweather

This photo and quote made us laugh and we hope you love it too!

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This Week’s CustomerFavourites

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Egg Skelter – With chickens back to full-lay, one of these will come in very hendy! Only £19.99

Aubiose – Suitable for hens & rabbits, this popular bedding is super-absorbent and dust-free. 20kg for £13

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