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The Chicken Swing has Landed

The Chicken Swing has Landed!

Following its huge success in the USA, The Chicken Swing has finally landed at Omlet, and it’s ready to bring fun to all our feathered friends.

All chicken keepers know that birds love to perch and they will hop on to anything they can lay their feet on to give them a good view of the world. The Chicken Swing provide more than just a place to perch though – it actually swings! Ideal for hanging in any chicken coop, enclosure or run, The Chicken Swing will reduce boredom and keep your pets hentertained. They’ll love being able to hop up as they please, stretch their wings and swing back and forth above their pals.

The Chicken Swing is suitable for poultry of all ages and breeds and it is a fantastic accessory for every chicken keeping area. You are sure to henjoy watching your pets in action as much as they enjoy using it!

Order your Chicken Swing today for £19.99!

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3 replies on “The Chicken Swing has Landed”

Silkiehens says:

Hi, would silkies use this? They will
Happily sit in my flowe pots but only one of them can manage the ladder in the eglu go up (advice on this would also be great!) cheers x

jim says:

Hi there. The Chicken Swing is suitable for all breeds of chicken so I would suggest your Silkies will use it. You just need to give them some time to get used to the swing, starting by hanging it very low and gradually increasing the height. This document might prove handy:

Gill clough says:

I’m waiting for delivery today! The recent omlet marketing emai caught my eye and I ordered on instantly, only later going to YouTube to catch hilarious videos of stateside chickens having fun. I have two little flocks, my established girls (bantam silkies, bantam Wyandotte, bantam frizzle and Maud a cream legbar) and three 8week old booted sablepoots who are so cute with feathers growing from their middle toe. Would they be able to use it, do you think? Or would their feet feathers trip them up. I admit, I hadn’t realised quite how big their fluffy feet would get, but they are the cutest little cheeping things at the moment.

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