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Pet of the Month: Lani

Lani is a 10 month old working English Springer Spaniel who belongs to Elise one of our Customer Service Team. Elise went and got Lani from Hereford in September 2015 and they have been inseparable since!
Elise describes Lani as a very sweet and calm dog who loves to roll on her belly and apparently she ‘enjoys her tickle wickles.’ As she is still very young, Lani is like a rocket, she flies for the ball any time Elise throws it. She also loves her kong, in the morning it’s the first thing she wants, “she will grab it and run in circles with her blue kong in her mouth.”

According to Elise, the funniest thing Lani does is she rolls on her belly every time she sees a dog or human and starts to lick their hand.

If you think your pet should be our next ‘Pet of the Month’ please email with your entries, include your pet’s name, age, breed and a picture. We’ll be in contact if we would like to know more about your pet.

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