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Top expert tips when buying a hamster

Emma, one of our trusted Veterinary Nurses, tells us her tops tips when buying a hamster.


Hamsters are a popular pet, particularly for young children, and owning a

If you are thinking of taking on the responsibility of caring for a hamster, below

Which breed is best?

There are many different breeds of hamster but the most popular breeds are

Where will they live?

Hamsters require a warm, dry and draught free place to leave, in a relatively

What should I feed my hamster?

A good quality commercial hamster mix will provide them with the nutrients they

What should I look for when buying a hamster?

Hamsters should have bright, clean eyes and should not have any discharge

How do I tell if my hamster is poorly?

Hamsters naturally store their food in pouches located in their cheeks, which can

My hamster has dark patches on its side – what’s wrong?

Nothing! Hamsters have scent glands located on their flanks. These can look

If you are worried about your hamster at any time, call your local veterinary

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