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5 Ways to Beat the Heat if you’re a Bunny!


  1. Ensure your rabbit is kept out of direct sunlight by moving the rabbit’s accommodation to a shaded area of the garden or provide shade by using a parasol.
  2. Freeze a large plastic lemonade bottle full of water and place in your rabbits run for him to lie against and cool down. Some bunnies may even enjoy nudging at and rolling this around their run.
  3. Place a large granite slab in your rabbits run to provide a cool surface for your rabbit to ‘chill’ out on.
  4. Feed leafy green vegetables and provide fresh water every day to keep your rabbit hydrated.
  5. Large hollow logs or readymade tunnels from pet stores can provide your rabbit a cool (and fun) shaded hiding place, why not entice him in by hiding handfuls of fresh hay and leafy greens for him to find!?

Words by- Carly Skelton, Student Veterinary Nurse.

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