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The Omlet Blog Archives: February 2017

#UnlikelyLove Valentines Day Competition



This Valentines Day we’re celebrating #UnlikelyLove! Do your cat and dog have a blossoming friendship? Are your horse and your chicken inseparable? Has your rabbit taken a liking to the goldfish? Or are your kids and your pet goats besties?

Courtesy of Omlet and Shaken Udder, you could be in with a chance of winning a New Eglu Cube and a bundle of milkshake goodies.

All you have to do is share a picture of a time you’ve captured a surprising friendship on our Facebook post, tweet us or tag us on Instagram with the hashtag #UnlikelyLove, winners will be announced at 12pm on Valentines Day so you have until then to enter!

The competition closes at 11:59am 14th February 2017. The winning entrant will be selected and notified by social media on 14th February 2017. Omlet and Shaken Udder reserve the right to withdraw the competition at any point. Prizes cannot be transferred. This competition is only open to UK residents. You must have the rights to the image you enter. 

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Pet of the Month: Maverick and Goose

A little Q and A with the owner of this month’s Pets of the Month:

When and where did you get Mav and Goose from?

We got Mav and Goose in May 2015 from a lovely breeder in Northampton, we found them on Gumtree.

What are their personalities like?

Goose is overly affectionate, loves cuddles, bit of a daddy’s boy but clearly is the boss of the street.
Mav is shy and timid and gets picked on by the other cats in the neighbourhood, but he has a very cheeky side (e.g the time he ate the bolognese off the stove) and loves to be around people. Goose always has his back.

Caught orange handed

Caught orange handed!

Do they have any favourite toys or things they like to do:

My partner plays golf, so the cats love to steal his golf balls and hide them around the house, much to his dismay.

Funniest thing they do:

They play fight with each other all day but when they go to sleep they always have to be next to each other (they’re softies at heart.)


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