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The Omlet Blog Archives: September 2017

Save 15% for a limited time!

Autumn is now upon us. There’s a chill in the air, falling leaves, and falling prices at Omlet!

We are offering an eggtastic 15% discount off Chicken Fencing, Walk in Runs, Eglu Cube Extensions and Walk in Run Extensions for a limited time.

There is limited stock at the discounted prices, so grab a bargain while you can!

Walk in Runs

Was from £329

Now from £279

It’s important that you provide your pets with enough space to play in every day while keeping them safe with a Walk in Run from Omlet. New and improved, this range of fox-resistant pens look great whilst blending into the garden. These large enclosures are spacious, extendable and designed to work with any kind of pet house or coop. Your pets will love their high quality run and you will enjoy being able to walk right in to spend time with your pets.

Find out more about Walk in Chicken Runs here

Find out more about Outdoor Cat Runs here

Find out more about Outdoor Rabbit Runs here

Find out more about Outdoor Guinea Pig Runs here

For out more about Walk In Run Extensions here

Chicken Fencing

Was from £79.98

Now from £67.00

If you’re looking for some poultry netting to fence in your chickens, this is a great choice. This handy chicken fencing comes in green, to blend into your garden. It is available as a 12, 21, 32 & 42 metre roll and is very easy to put up and move about. Use this poultry fencing to keep your chickens within an area, giving them more space to roam or, of course, out of a part of your garden, like your prized vegetable patch!

Click here to find out more about Chicken Fencing

Quote CONKERS at checkout to claim 15% discount for a limited time!!


We no longer have stock of Eglu Cube’s at the discounted price. To order an Eglu Cube at full price please click here 

The Eglu Cube Chicken Coop is the ideal way to keep up to 10 chickens in a town or country garden. This plastic chicken house has a slide out dropping tray, wipe clean surfaces, twin walled insulation, no maintenance and No Foxes Allowed protection. The easy to move Eglu Cube hen house with extendable run makes it simple to keep a large flock of hens in your garden and leaves you with more time to enjoy the pleasures of keeping chickens. Now is the perfect time to upgrade to a cosy Eglu Cube before the winter sets in!

Click here to find out more about the Eglu Cube

Click to find out more about Eglu Cube Extensions

This promotion has now ended

Terms and Conditions

15% off promotion is only valid from 25/9/2017 for a limited time.  Quote Promo Code CONKERS at checkout to claim the 15% discount.  Subject to availability – there is limited stock at the discounted prices. Omlet ltd. reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any point. Discount is only applicable to Chicken Fencing, Walk in Runs and Eglu Cube Extensions. Discount cannot be transferred to delivery or courses. Excludes delivery. Offer is only valid on fully priced items and cannot be used on existing discounts or in conjunction with any other offer.

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A Traditional English Scotch Egg with a Spicy Twist

Makes 10
10 Soft boiled eggs

2 lbs of Sausagemeat

6oz Chorizo

1 Raw egg (whisked)

7oz Breadcrumbs

16.9 fl oz of Vegetable cooking oil


Start by boiling 10 eggs for roughly 5 mins, depending on how soft you like your egg, then run them under cold water to cool them down. Tap each egg on a kitchen surface and roll them under your palm, we find this the easiest way to peel an egg. Put the eggs to one side whilst you prepare your sausagemeat.   Remove all packaging from the sausagemeat and empty into a large bowl. Finely chop the chorizo and then add it to your sausagemeat. Use your hands to work the sausagemeat and mix in the chorizo. Once you have done this, take a small handful of the sausagemeat and roll it into a ball then flatten it out into a patty in your hand.   Place one egg on top of the patty and wrap the meat around the egg as far as possible, take a another small handful of the sausagemeat and patch up the remaining area to form a ball around the egg.   Dip the ball in the whisked raw egg mixture, ensure it is all covered. Take a large plate and spread the bread crumbs across it, take the egg soaked ball and roll it around in the breadcrumbs. Repeat this process for the other eggs.   Heat a pan of cooking oil until it is at roughly 330 degrees farenheit, make sure the oil is deep enough to cover the eggs and then cook roughly 2-3 at a time for 5 minutes each.

You can serve these hot or cold, as a starter or as a delicious snack, enjoy!

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Hens on Holiday!

We’ve been in touch with Sarah from Sussex Garden Poultry who has told us about a fantastic service that they offer to hens when their owners go on holiday…

How many Chicken Coops do you have? 
I have at the moment 10 x mark 1 Eglu cubes & 8 x Eglu classic that I use for hen holidays. An Eglu Go & an old Eglu Classic with 1 mtr run I use as a broody coop

When did you get your first Coop?? Which type of Eglu was it?
The first Eglu I bought was a 2nd hand classic, I’d asked about & people said they’d owned them for 10 years with no problem & they look as good as new.

Why do you like Eglu Chicken Coops?
I like the Eglu for ease of cleaning, I love the varieties of colour, I try to have one of each, (I’m still hunting a pink cube), i also like the flexibility of being able to add to the runs length.

Please tell us more about the Chicken Holidays
I started the chicken holidays because I had potential customers who’d say ‘I’d love chickens, but what do I do when I go on holiday?’ So I said bring them back & i’ll board them for you. No one was offering this service locally so it made sense to offer hen holidays.

What is the most chickens you’ve looked after at any one time?
Difficult to say! We are usually fully booked over the summer holidays & Christmas to new year, but I have some birds of my own too, they take up 4/5 cubes, so I’ve the potential to accommodate over 100 holiday hens.

What is the longest time that a Chicken has stayed with you?
We had a trio of light Sussex that stayed about 3 months as their owner was sailing   Around the Mediterranean & her progress was weather dependent!

I imagine the service is very popular…… Do you get fully booked up?
We like to take bookings a few months in advance especially for summer & Christmas, I don’t like to turn people away but each coop houses hens belonging to one family, we never mix flocks. If I’m out of space, then I’m out of space!

What is the furthest distance a customer has travelled to bring their chickens to you?
People do come a long way, but we are not that far from Gatwick airport so some drop off en route, its funny when the chickens take up more space in the car than the luggage.

What do prices start at?
Eglu classic & Go are £5 per night & take a max of 3 hens, Eglu cubes are £8 a night & take 4-8 hens. Feed included.

To find out more about Hen Holidays please view the Sussex Garden Poultry Website:

To find out more about Eglu Chicken Coops – Click here

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