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Chickens Take Over the Starship Henterprise

The Omlet HQ chickens have been on an important mission across the universe. To boldly go where no chicken has gone before is no mean feat, but the United Featheration have pushed the limits and travelled through space and time to deliver the most safe and convenient Automatic Chicken Coop Door available to man (and chicken).

Now we invite you to take a look on board the Starchick Henterprise, where Captain Cluck is in command as the crew hurtle towards Earth, issuing instructions to prepare for an exploration of the planet. Following frantic communication and button pressing, they are finally able to use the new addition to the Henterprise… the new Autodoor.

The chicken’s keeper heads to the garden in the morning, unaware of the chickens’ previous busy evening, and discovers a mysterious badge causing the crew to scramble back inside the Henterprise and blast back off into space, as the Autodoor closes just in time behind them.

While travelling through space, the chickens visited member states of the United Federation of Planets gathering feedback on their latest innovation, the Automatic Chicken Coop Door. Throughout their expedition the Autodoor was developed to be compatible for all wooden coops, any chicken run as well as the infamous Eglu Cube. The battery powered Autodoor and control panel were put to the test in extreme weather conditions, while the door system was developed to include an obstruction sensor making it the most safe and secure system of its kind, and ensuring no chicken will come in harm’s way.

The Automatic Chicken Coop Door works by selecting a time or light level for the door to be opened and closed at. This ensures chickens can be let out as the sun rises, so owners can stay in bed that little bit longer, and that chickens can also be safely shut away again at dusk throughout the year.

Now your chicken can join the Featheration with the Limited Edition ‘Lay Long and Prosper’ Chicken Jackets, inspired by the iconic uniforms of Captain Kirk, Scotty and Bones. Order here

Watch the full Star Trek inspired video here

Omlet’s new Automatic Chicken Coop door opener is available to pre-order now, starting from £149.99.


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