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Choose The Perfect Toys For Your Budgie

Budgies need toys, so much so that they should be an essential part of your birds’ setup, only just behind food and water on the priority list. Toys provide them with physical and mental stimulation, as well as a lot of fun.

Budgies love to fly, climb, jump, swing and flap, and to explore their environment using both beak and feet. As an owner you will need to make sure you provide toys that fulfil all of these needs. In the picture above we have packed the cage full with perches and toys, but it is usually better to stick to maybe two or three toys in the cage at a time and swap them regularly. You don’t need to get new toys every time as the budgie won’t remember what toys he or she played with two weeks ago, but variety is certainly the spice of life when it comes to budgie toys. 

Also, remember that budgies can and should have toys outside the cage for when they are free flying. Make sure everything you give your bird is safe; avoid anything sharp, things with gaps or hoops where a foot or a beak could get stuck, or that would be dangerous for the budgie to ingest bits of. 

After a while you’ll probably work out what toys seem to excite your pets the most, but you might have to try a few things before you figure it out. If it seems your budgies don’t like a toy you’ve got for them, it’s worth taking it away and reintroducing it a few days later. Your bird might very well be super excited about the same toy on a different day. 

We’ve filled a Geo Bird Cage with some of our favourite toys from the Omlet shop that we know the office budgies go crazy for. Hopefully yours will too!

While perches are not always seen as toys, they are essential to any budgie set up. Without perches your pets will have nowhere to roost at night, but will also be deprived of a lot of entertainment. Sitting holding a wooden stick might not be your idea of fun, but birds love them, and you should always make sure you have a few perches in the cage. 

Budgies have excellent colour vision, and colourful toys are normally a big hit. Maybe something like the Classic Fruity Swing Rings, hanging fruit shaped rings that your pet will love climbing up, swinging on and pecking at. It will look cheerful in the cage, and adds an interactive challenge for your budgie, who will also love playing with the attached bell.

The Woven Wonders hanging toys provide great entertainment and intriguing exploring for your budgies. Birds love to chew as they play, and these toys are designed to be durable but shreddable, mimicking the things the budgie might have played with in the wild. We’ve chosen the comet and the dreamcatcher to provide the budgie with colourful toys to swing in and climb on, as well as slowly break with their strong beak. 

Your pet budgies will also love the Naturals Peck n Seed Swing. Not only is it a comfortable perch to rest the feet on, it swings gently when suspended from the roof of the cage and is covered in 16 different types of delicious seeds, berries and vegetables. Working out how to remove all the tasty goodies while swinging will keep your budgie happy and stimulated for hours. 

Make your pets work for their treats with Vitapol Fruit Sticks. Jampacked with yummy seeds and fruits, it can easily be hung from the mesh in your cage, so your pets can climb close to it and peck away at the tasty stick. Treats should always be fed in moderation, but you don’t need to worry as much about it when you know your birds will have to work for the reward.

Last but not least is the Nature First Husk Puzzler. This hanging toy is designed to enrich your budgies’ environment and provide both physical and mental stimulation. The husk ring combined with braided seagrass and limestone shells is great for all senses, and will look impressive and intriguing in the cage. 

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