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Holiday Pet Quiz: Omlet Edition

Holiday Animal Quiz: Can you identify the roles of these animals in these holiday movie favourites?

1.What does the Grinch tie to Max’s head in the movie?

Photo by Woodson’s Mom on Unsplash

A. A twig

B. Holly

C. A bell

D. Mistletoe

2.What does the Grinch steal from a mouse when he is stealing from the Who’s in Whoville? 

A. A piece of cheese

B. A cookie

C. A candy cane

D. A crumb

3. Who provides the voice of Rebecca the Hen in the 2017 holiday movie “The Star”? 

A. Mariah Carey

B. Keegan Michael Key 

C. Aidy Bryant 

D. Gina Rodriguez

4. In “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, why is Snoopy decorating his dog house?

A. For Charlie Brown 

B. For a holiday contest

C. For Santa 

D. For Woodstock 

5. In the movie “Annie”, what is the name of her beloved Dog?

A. Goldie 

B. Molasses 

C. Sandy

D. Butterscotch

6. In the movie “The Holiday” what is the name of Kate Winslet’s Dog?

A. Charlie 

B. Chip 

C. Jackson 

D. Pip 

7. What animal says the line “Bye Buddy, I hope you find your dad!” in the movie “Elf”?

A. A whale 

B. A seal

C. A narwhal

D. A polar bear

8. What is the name of Snoopy’s bird sidekick in “A Charlie Brown Christmas?”

A. Tweetie

B. Sunny 

C. Pebbles 

D. Woodstock

9. What is the name of the famous red-nosed reindeer?

A. Rudolph

B. Prancer

C. Dancer

D. Comet 

10. How does Rudolph help Santa on Christmas Eve?

A. His nose helps detect rain or snow 

B. His nose detects which houses are on the naughty or nice list 

C. He flashes his nose to the airplanes to make way for Santa 

D. He guides his sleigh

Answers: 1.A, 2. D, 3. A, 4. B, 5. C, 6. A, 7. C, 8. D, 9. A, 10. D

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