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What Do I Need For My Bengal Kitten?

A Bengal cat looking up using the scratcher on the Omlet Freestyle cat tree

Bengal cats have striking features, bearing a resemblance to leopards with their piercing eyes and speckled, marbled coats. As their appearance suggests, this breed is a hybrid of an Asian Leopard Cat crossed with a domestic cat. So, with being part wild animal, you’ll need to think carefully before deciding to introduce the very intelligent Bengal into your home.

With the new arrival of any kitten, you’re going to have your hands full, as both you and your new furry friend adjust to a new life. It’s a good idea to get prepared by going through a checklist of everything your Bengal kitten is going to need and anything else that will make for an easier transition. If you’re struggling on where to begin, here’s a list of a few things to get you started:

A Cat Carrier

When bringing home your new Bengal, you’ll want to place them in a cat carrier, with something absorbent to line it, in case your Bengal kitten has any accidents on the journey. One piece of advice is to spray the carrier with pheromones which will help to make your kitten feel safe. 

The carrier should be large enough for your Bengal to comfortably lie down in, and adjust themselves. It’s also important to remember that your kitten should not come home any earlier than 8 weeks old, as any sooner is too premature to be separated from their Mother.

A Scratching Post

Cats have a natural desire to scratch, so if they’re not provided with the right outlet to do so i.e. a scratching post, you may find that your prized furnishings are quickly destroyed! Not only will a cat scratching post help to maintain your Bengal’s claw health, they’re also a great tool to help release your cat’s hormones and excess energy. 

If your house has enough space, cat trees are an even better option! The Omlet Freestyle Cat Tree will grow with your kitten, as you can customise your tree to add more accessories for your Bengal to scratch at and play with, as they become more adventurous.

A Cat Bed

Cats can spend up to sixteen hours of the day sleeping, and kittens, even longer! Cat breeds like Bengals however, will sleep slightly less due to their playful nature. Nonetheless, it’s important that you invest in a good quality cat bed, so that your kitten can get those precious hours of sleep in. 

Their bed should be somewhere secluded, where your kitten can be left alone and away from any other pets or people. Comfort is key, so make sure your Bengal’s bed is cosy and somewhere they can retreat and rest.

Food, Water and Bowls

A Bengal cat using the Omlet outdoor cat run

Bengals need a diet of good quality food, to give your kitten the best start. Make sure that the food you choose for your young cat is age appropriate, along with choosing appropriate sized bowls for their food and water. Cats can have a combination of dry food and wet food, and kittens need a specific diet suited to their age. From around 12 weeks, your Bengal kitten should transition to eating more dry cat food, so it’s a good idea to check with the breeder on what they recommend. 

A Litter Box

Despite the incredibly active nature of Bengals, they can actually live comfortably as indoor cats, as long as they have enough physical and mental stimulation to stop them from becoming bored. Many Bengal kittens will have already been litter box trained by the breeder, however owners still need to continue to encourage correct use of the litter box by using positive reinforcement when they use it. 

Also consider the type of cat litter you’re using for your Bengal cat. Take a look at the full Omlet range of cat litters to find which will be best for your kitten.

Plenty of Toys

Before bringing your new Bengal home, you should be aware that these cats need a lot of entertainment! Bengals love to play and a wide range of toys will help to keep your kitten stimulated and out of trouble. Bengals are highly energetic, so toys that encourage their hunting instinct, like the Kong Kitten Mice are perfect for your new kitten. As your Bengal grows, how about trying the Omlet wand cat toys with catnip, that will provide your cat with endless hours of fun!

Before getting a Bengal kitten it’s important to take into consideration not only these essentials but to carefully conduct thorough research on the breed and your prospective breeder. Remember, responsible breeders should also be looking at whether your lifestyle and home is suitable for their kitten to be going to. So, if you think this is the right breed for you and you do decide to get a Bengal kitten, one thing that can be guaranteed is a whole heap of fun for the whole family!

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