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How to Cool Down Your Dog

Cooling down your dog in the hotter months is good for their health, and their happiness! Some dogs, like humans, are sun worshippers and love basking in the saturated golden rays of warmth. Whereas other dogs prefer a nice cool spot to lay in the shade with a big bowl of cold water to sip. But are some dogs more susceptible to the dangers of heat than others? And once they are too hot, how do you cool down a dog?

When it comes to hot temperatures, the age, dog breed and health of certain canines can be a big factor in whether they can handle the heat as well as others. So wherever your dog falls on the summer sun scale, Omlet has the products you need to help your canine companion stay cool during hot weather months.

How to tell if your dog is too hot

Unlike humans who sweat when we are overheated, dogs do not perspire. Instead, their breathing starts to increase in an attempt to regulate body temperature and cool themselves down. If you are out with your furry friend enjoying a hot summer day and they start rapidly panting, that is your first sign they are getting too hot. Understanding these signs of overheating and steps to cool down your dog are vital to your dog’s health. 

Have you ever pet your pup outside in summer and felt their skin was super warm to the touch? This is because dogs innately divert their blood away from their organs when too hot to try and allow the heat to leave the body faster. So a good rule of thumb to remember is when your dog feels hot to the touch, it’s time to get them somewhere cooler right away!

In the event these natural canine cooling mechanisms are overlooked, other signs that your dog is too hot will be more blatant. These will include:

  • Extreme lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Bright red gums
  • In severe cases, seizures

Overheating is a serious concern in dogs and, if overlooked, can be quite dangerous. When any of these symptoms are cause for concern or become severe, take your dog to the vet to be seen right away.

Dachshund resting in Omlet Fido Nook 2 in 1 Luxury Dog Bed and Crate

Causes of canine overheating 

Heat stroke, or elevated body temperature, in dogs is generally associated with a body temperature of 103 °F (39.4°C) or greater. There are many different ways this can happen and it’s important to be aware of them all:

  • Hot cars: The most common cause of canine heat stroke is being left in a parked car without any ventilation. Even on days that may seem tolerably warm to humans, the temperatures in a locked car can rise to well over 100°F rapidly. And we all know that even a parked car in the shade with the windows down on a hot day is still not good for our dogs! So while it’s fun to have our furry friends go everywhere with us, it’s best to avoid any summer heat trips that will require your pup to stay in the car.
  • Exercise in heat: Did you know that too much exercise in the heat of the day can be detrimental to your canine? Even with adequate water and shade, excessive exertion at high temperatures can raise a dog’s body temperature too quickly to be cooled down. So try to only walk in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler and place plenty of water bowls around the house during the day! 
  • Specific dog breeds: Certain flat-nosed breeds, like pugs or bulldogs, have an even harder time handling the heat due to their restricted airways. These dog breeds need even closer monitoring when outside in the heat. In addition, dogs that have underlying medical issues, such as lung or heart conditions, are also more susceptible to hotter temperatures.

Understanding what causes heatstroke in dogs is vital to their health. But the best way to cool down your dog in the hotter months? Make sure they don’t get overheated in the first place!

5 Ways To Cool Down Your Dog

So what if your dog is too hot and you need to cool them down quickly? Here are a few tips on how best to keep dogs cool in the summer months or during any unexpected heatwave:

  • Adjust exercise times! The early morning hours are the best time to get out on a walk or play a good game of fetch during the hot summer months. But before you leash up your pup, be sure to feel the pavement with your hand or bare feet to see if it feels too hot. If the ground is too hot for you, then it’s too hot for your furry friend, so head back inside to stay active with some dog toys instead!
  • Get a cooling mat! One of the quickest ways to cool down your dog quickly is to lower the temperature on their skin. Laying directly on a cooled mat will provide the perfect comfort solution! The Omlet Dog Cooling Mat is a great option because it doesn’t require any electricity or refrigeration to effectively cool down your dog. Designed as a foldable memory foam mat, you can take this mat wherever you and your furry friend go so they will always have an escape from the heat!
  • Brush, brush, brush! Certain breeds, especially those with thick fur and long hair, are more susceptible to heat because of that extra coat they are carrying. One way to cool them down is to groom and brush them more frequently during the summer months. A dog’s health and hygiene are always important to stay on top of for your pup, and brushing out some of that extra fur is a big help! Just don’t grab the clippers and give your dog a buzz cut – many dogs, like Labradors, have a second coat that actually acts as a natural ‘first-defence’ cooling system so trimming that away would actually be worse!
  • Fresh cool water is a must! Think of how good a big glass of iced water feels to you on a hot summer day – your dog appreciates it just as much! During hot summer months, it’s important to keep your canine hydrated with lots of fresh cold water. You can even place bowls throughout your house to encourage frequent drinking. And don’t forget a portable water bowl or ice cubes to chew on when outside – your dog will love a frozen treat to cool off with!
  • Summer swimming for everyone! A cool dip in a lake or the ocean is a favourite summer activity for most humans, and for dogs who are used to swimming, they love a summer swim just as much! Splashing in the waves and water is a great way to cool your dog down – just make sure they don’t overdo it on the exertion! If you don’t live near a body of water, you can always grab a kiddie pool or sprinklers to keep your pup cooled off. Who doesn’t love cool water on a hot summer day?!

Golden Retriever dog diving into water to cool down

Tips To Stop Your Dog Getting Too Hot

When it comes to high temperatures and hot summer months, we know that the best way to keep your dog cool is to avoid anything that will create more heat. 

  • Avoid putting your dog in cars altogether during the hotter months.
  • Try not to exercise in the heat of the day. Instead, enjoy shorter walks and the air conditioning inside together!
  • Stay away from any activities that are not near fresh water to dip in or sip on.
  • If it’s too for you, it’s too hot for your dog!

Summer routines often change for humans, and that is a good time to adjust schedules for your furry friend, too! 

Dog Cooling Mats

An excellent option to help your canine stay cool in the hot summer months is a cooling mat they can lie on while sleeping. The Omlet Memory Foam Cooling Mat is a great choice because it provides hours of comfort without the need for refrigeration. Here are some benefits of the Omlet Cooling Mat:

  • Designed with self-cooling gel: This mat is made of a highly conductive material that absorbs the heat from your pet and provides up to 3 hours of cooling effects. The closed cell structure design also keeps the cooling gel exactly where you want it – directly under your dog!
  • Completely portable: Because this mat does not require any electricity or refrigeration, you can take it with you anywhere your dog goes! So for those summer beach holidays with your dog, don’t forget the cooling mat to keep him comfortable!
  • Ultimate comfort: Designed with dogs in mind, this cooling mat uses premium memory foam to ensure the most comfortable cooling solution. This mat will not only keep your dog cool in the summer months, but also help to cushion any achy joints!
  • Easy to clean: Constructed of non-toxic materials, the Omlet Cooling Mat is safe to use for dogs of all ages, including puppies! And speaking of puppies, this mat is also waterproof and rip-resistant so it can grow with your dog!
  • Multiple sizes: The Omlet Cooling Mat is not a “one size fits all” cooling solution – it comes in 3 different sizes to fit every dog! And whether you have a large bolster bed or a small sheepskin bed, this mat can easily fit inside to provide hours of cooled comfort!

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of overheating in a dog allows you to react more quickly. And when you know how to cool your dog down and be safe in the hotter months, you can both enjoy the summer better! 

Dachshund with Omlet Memory Foam Cooling Mat for Dogs behind them

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