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Cat Proof Balconies – What You Need To Know!

Cats are incredible jumpers! In fact, most can jump anywhere between 6 to 12 feet in a single leap! But they are also wildly fascinated about the outside world.

So what do you do if you own a cat and your only outdoor space is a balcony? Is it safe to let your cat out on the balcony to explore? The short answer is, yes, but only if you have safety measures in place! The Omlet Product Engineers have created a solution that not only allows your indoor cat the freedom to explore the outside, but with the safety and security to do so!

Let’s jump into the details!

Cat climbing on Omlet Cat Balcony Enclosure outside apartment

Why cat proof a balcony?

Before we look into cat-proofing options, let’s first explore why you want to create a cat safe balcony in the first place. If you live in an apartment or condo with a walk-out balcony, chances are you enjoy that outside space! Guess what? Your cat will enjoy it as well! But why do cats like to be outside?

Fresh air: We love to get outside to breathe in some fresh air and our furry feline friends are no different. A big dose of breezy clean air coupled with a shower of warm sunshine does anybody, or cat, good! Breathing in fresh oxygen stimulates the organs and blood vessels, providing for a healthier overall nervous system. 

Stimulation: Think about the first things you do when you walk outside. You look, listen, and smell your immediate surroundings. Cats are the same way – only on a whole other level since their sense of smell is much more keen than humans! Being outside provides a cat’s senses with invaluable stimulation. They can watch cars driving by, or listen to birds singing in the trees, or just sniff away at the fragrance of flowers growing in the garden. Or, they may just do what cats often do best – sunbathe while taking a cat nap!

Exercise: Even if your cat gets plenty of playtime with their toys indoors, their minds and bodies are built to investigate the world around them. When a cat is able to explore a safely enclosed balcony, they can activate their innate exercise habits like jumping and running. And what better way for your active cat to stay vibrant and young than exploring and moving in a safely secured area! 

Creating a safe balcony enclosure

The key to creating a safe outdoor space for your cat is security! Both you and your cat want reassurance that they can freely jump and play without the worry of falling off the edge of the balcony. So how do you make this happen?

The very first step in cat-proofing your balcony is to clear away any items that could potentially be harmful to your feline friend. Make sure none of these items are on your balcony:

  • Plants: Cats can get bored and when they do, they often like to chew on anything they can find – including plants! However, some common household plants can be potentially toxic to cats. So in order to ensure your balcony is cat-friendly, take some time to familiarize yourself with which plants are safe for your feline friend, and remove the ones that are not safe from your balcony.
  • Cords: Cats are quite curious by nature, so any time they see an item that is new and unfamiliar, they will likely use their sense of taste to first explore. Electrical cords can be very harmful to cats as chewing on them can cause burns inside their mouth. In fact, even unplugged cords can be potentially dangerous so it’s best to remove any and all cords from the balcony.
  • Bug repellents, cleaners, etc: While bug sprays are efficient in helping to keep the annoying flying insects off of us, they can be quite harmful to cats. Most bug repellents have DEET as the main ingredient which has proven to be dangerous for cats if ingested. Likewise, many cleaning solutions contain ingredients that could cause issues for interested cats, so it’s best to eliminate them from the balcony altogether.
  • Bird feeders: Even if you think your sweet, docile cat would never even hurt a fly, try putting them outside in an enclosed space with a bird feeder. You will likely reconsider! Don’t forget that cats are innate predators, so when given the chance to hunt an animal – especially a bird – they will likely take that opportunity every. single. time!

Making your patio a catio

When it comes to creating the ultimate cat haven for your feline friend, there are countless DIY tutorials on how you can create the space yourself. Sure…you can go to your local home improvement store and buy all the materials, but wouldn’t it just be easier to buy an enclosure that was already made for you? The Omlet product engineers thought so, too! 

Introducing The Omlet Cat Balcony Enclosure! A securely designed, fully-enclosed catio that can fit any size balcony! We know that city life living can be difficult when trying to give your cat outside freedom, so we developed this escape proof enclosure with that in mind! Here are just a few of the many benefits you receive with the Cat Balcony Enclosure:

  • Super sturdy! Built from strong steel mesh, this stylish cat enclosure is more secure than any DIY netting. We coated the entire enclosure in a dark green coating so it seamlessly blends in with your balcony and is unobtrusive to look at. The only DIY you will need with this product are additional metal fixings to secure the enclosure to your building for additional security.
  • Sizes for all balconies! Available in 3 sizes, the Omlet Cat Balcony Enclosure can fit virtually any balcony! We designed each length (6ft. 9ft, or 12ft) with the same 3ft width so it was narrow enough to accommodate all standard balconies. In addition, the generously appointed height of almost 7ft allows your cat to explore all levels of the enclosure!
  • Completely customizable! With the Cat Balcony Enclosure, the sky’s the limit on how you can customize your cat’s outdoor house! Add a cat tree for kitty’s claws, or a fabric shelf for lounging in the sun! You can even add a clear cover to the top of the enclosure so your cat can stay shaded and dry at all times! The options are endless when making and creating your cat’s ultimate catio!

Cat owners everywhere can agree that when it comes to our furry feline friends, we want to make their lives as enjoyable as they make ours. Giving your cat the ability to experience an enclosed balcony allows them the freedom to explore the outside world in a safe and secure manner. And just as fresh air and sunshine are psychologically beneficial for us, our cats reap the same rewards when given the exposure! 

Cat using Omlet Cat Shelves in Omlet Cat Enclosure

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