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What scratching post is best for my cat?

Cat sat on top of the Switch Cat Scratcher

Cats and scratching go paw in paw. Given the opportunity, they’ll scratch at anything, so the right scratcher is essential for saving the furniture and walls of any cat parent. But not all cat scratchers are created equal. So, how in a market of short-lived and boring scratchers, do you know what the best scratching post is for your cat? Let’s delve into the world of scratchers and discover the key to your cat’s contentment.

Scratch their innate itch

A cat that claws at your sofa isn’t poorly behaved. Rather, scratching comes as naturally to cats as meowing does. Not only do cats scratch to take care of their claws, but it’s also their way of releasing stress, marking their territory and a form of feline exercise. Given this behaviour is so important to a cat’s physical and mental well-being, finding a scratcher is more than just a means of protecting your home from scratch marks. 

Finding a scratcher to suit

Wood cat scratchers

Wood is a sturdy choice for a cat scratcher and can look great in your home. High-quality wooden cat scratchers are also incredibly durable. While an option for cats that enjoy scratching your wooden furniture, most generally prefer more resistant materials to claw. Fussy felines can also have preferences for which type of wood they enjoy scratching. So while you might be happy with how their new scratcher looks, your cat might not be so impressed.

Cardboard cat scratchers

Cats love cardboard, so much so that they’ll often enjoy playing with the cardboard box their new toy came in just as much as the toy itself! While cardboard cat scratchers have the benefit of being more affordable, many owners find themselves having to bin the entire product shortly after their purchase, creating unnecessary waste.

The Stak Cat Scratcher, however, has been made with sustainability at the forefront. A firm favourite amongst felines, the durable cardboard of the Stak means cats can enjoy hours of scratching sessions. And when they finally paw away the last of the cardboard, you can simply add a Stak refill pack and the fun can start all over again.

Carpet cat scratchers

Carpet cat scratchers offer comfort for cat paws due to the nature of the material. These types of scratchers do have their disadvantages though. For one, they can lead to confusion, with cats unsure of which carpet in the home is for scratching and which carpet is not. Carpet cat scratchers are also notorious for harbouring dirt and fur, which again, can result in waste from having to replace them frequently. 

Sisal cat scratchers

Sisal mimics the natural texture of bark on trees, which makes for an excellent choice for cats who want to get in touch with their wild side. Sisal scratchers are either made from sisal rope or sisal fabric but for cats who don’t like rougher textures, it can take time to learn how to use them.

The Switch Cat Scratcher with blue lights

A scratcher that does it all

But what about a cat scratcher that does it all? Why do we have to compromise when it comes to our cats’ toys? Could there not be a cat scratcher that has the benefits of a high-quality cardboard scratcher, doesn’t take hours of teaching your cat to get used to, and creates a new way for pets and their owners to bond? Our designers got to thinking and after several rounds of product testing (thanks to the help of some feline friends), we created the ultimate cat scratcher. 

Introducing Switch. Interactive, sustainable and ingenious, the Switch Cat Scratcher will take your cat’s scratching to another dimension. Made with a hard-wearing natural bamboo base and biodegradable sisal sleeve, the Switch has been expertly engineered to withstand even the sharpest of scratches. 

And the coolest part? It lights up. With over 1200 ambient light settings, the Switch is nearly as fun for people as it is for pets. Simply choose from a range of light programs, colour, brightness and speed settings for hours of entertainment. It’s out with flimsy, boring and unsustainable scratchers and in with connecting with your cat in colour. 

The Switch is also 20% taller than the standard scratcher, which means cats will enjoy the benefits of scratching and stretching. Plus, the anti-topple technology guarantees your cat’s safety and boosts their confidence, no matter how hard they scratch. 

Caring for your cat with Omlet

At Omlet, we never stop asking questions, which led us to the ingenious design of the Switch Cat Scratcher. Compromise is never an option when it comes to animals’ well-being, and we strive to continue designing products to help pets and owners build a wondrous connection. Shop our range of cat products, including our Freestyle Cat Tree to unleash your feline’s inner explorer and cosy cat beds for a guaranteed good night’s sleep after hours of scratching and climbing. 

Cat looking up at the Switch Cat Scratcher

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