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Games you can play with your rabbits and guinea pigs 

Looking for some inspiration for playtime with your small pets? There are several games you can play with your rabbits and guinea pigs that will be to the delight of everyone involved. From mazes to hide-and-seek, here are some pastimes that are sure to please your pets the next time you play. 

Guinea pigs playing in the Zippi Tunnel System

The importance of play 

Playing with your rabbits and guinea pigs builds their trust and confidence, which in turn helps you build a more meaningful and lasting bond with them. It’s amazing to see shy or timid pets come out of their metaphorical shells through playing with their humans. Being more active is good for their minds and bodies, and is one of the best ways to encourage your small pet to be more outgoing and physically fit. Through dedicated playtime, you’ll be able to forge an unbreakable bond between you and your rabbits or guinea pigs. 

It’s also important to remember that rabbits and guinea pigs are prey animals by nature, so surprises, sudden movements, or loud noises can startle them easily. All of the games that you play with your small pets should be in a calm atmosphere, and with lots of treats to offer as tokens of encouragement and as rewards for their efforts. 


Rabbits and guinea pigs differ in size and stature, so they each have their own set of skills that can be tapped into during play. For example, rabbits have long, powerful legs, so jumping over the sides of a homemade maze to fast-forward to the treat at the end is entirely within their realm of possibility. For the following activities, we will offer suggestions to modify each game based on the size and species of your pet. 

Prepare a place to play 

The best place to play with your rabbits and guinea pigs is in a safe and enclosed space. Outdoor rabbit and guinea pig runs are perfect for spending time with your pets during playtime. The enclosed space will keep them contained and comfortable, and gives you plenty of space to set up your games. Alternative play places are safe spaces inside your home — just make sure that the room you’re playing with your pets in is rabbit and guinea pig-proof. 


This game is more fitting for bunnies, but some guinea pigs may delight in barrelling objects over. Set up small bowling pins, like indoor sets designed for toddlers, and let your bunnies nose-boop them over. Reward your pets’ efforts with a treat before setting the pins back up for the next round. 

Guinea pig modification: in relation to guinea pigs, even toy bowling pins may seem tall and intimidating — try setting up empty toilet paper tubes instead. 

Magic cups 

Show your rabbits or guinea pigs that you’re hiding a treat under an overturned plastic cup. Add one or two more overturned cups with nothing under them, then slide them around before allowing your pet to sniff out the hidden treat. Fresh herbs or other fragrant treats are perfect for this game. 


Think fetch is just for dogs? Think again — some rabbits and guinea pigs enjoy carrying small objects in their mouths. Try tossing small toys like balls, applewood chews, or pieces of cardboard for this game. To start out, toss the object just a few inches in front of your rabbit or guinea pig. If they pick it up, praise them, and offer a treat. Once they’re consistently picking up their toy, toss it farther out each time, and encourage them to bring it back to you. 

Hide and seek 

Rabbits and guinea pigs are curious by nature, so enticing them with some mystery will pique their interest. Lay on the floor and place your face in your hands. Your rabbit or guinea pig will come to investigate. Be careful not to startle your pet as you emerge, and be sure to offer them a treat for their cleverness. 

Rabbit modification: hide under a soft blanket and call your rabbit. Bunnies love to burrow, so your rabbit will be thrilled at the prospect of digging in order to find you. 

Maze running 

Create mazes from cardboard boxes, building blocks, or other household objects with a treat placed at the end. Make sure that mazes are always placed at ground level, and that there are no small gaps or spaces for your pets’ feet to get caught in. 

Rabbit modification: construct a maze from Zippi Rabbit Tunnels for the ultimate, reusable maze that your rabbits won’t hop out of. 

Omlet and your rabbits and guinea pigs 

From the rabbit or guinea pig hutch to outdoor runs and playpens, we’ve worked to create the perfect atmosphere for owners to spend quality time with their small pets. Design your own playground with Zippi Rabbit and Guinea Pig Tunnels, and add rabbit and guinea pig platforms to help your pets meet you on a whole new level. With Omlet, playtime isn’t just possible — it’s the pinnacle of quality time spent with your rabbits and guinea pigs. 

Rabbit hopping into the Eglu Go

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