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Indoor cats and outdoor play

When it comes to domesticated felines, the great debate between indoor and outdoor living is decades long. While keeping cats indoors is often deemed safer due to various hazards lurking outside, many cat owners ponder how to provide their beloved companions with the enriching experience of outdoor exploration without exposing them to potential dangers. This conundrum prompts a closer look at the benefits of outdoor play for indoor cats and the innovative solutions available to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

Two cats on Freestyle in Omlet Catio

Benefits of outdoor play for indoor cats

Indoor cats, though content within the confines of their homes, can greatly benefit from occasional ventures into the great outdoors. Outdoor play satisfies a cat’s innate curiosity and desire for stimulation. The sights, sounds, and smells of the natural world offer a sensory feast for felines, enriching their lives and preventing boredom. 

Moreover, outdoor exploration encourages physical activity, aiding in weight management and promoting overall health and well-being. By engaging in activities such as climbing, chasing, and hunting (albeit in a controlled environment), indoor cats can fulfil their natural instincts and expend pent-up energy. After all, a tired cat is less likely to be bored, and so less likely to use your furnishings as an outlet for unspent energy. 

Safety options and tips

So, you want to let your cat explore the great outdoors, but you’re worried they may get hurt. Concerns about the safety of outdoor excursions for cats are valid. But with careful planning and the right equipment, owners can provide their feline friends with a safe and secure outdoor environment. 

  • Tip #1: One of the safest ways to allow indoor cats to experience the outdoors is through the use of specially designed enclosures, such as catios. These enclosed outdoor spaces offer a controlled environment where cats can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature without being exposed to potential hazards like traffic or predators.


  • Tip #2: Always use preventative medications for fleas and ticks when planning to take your indoor cat outdoors. By ensuring your cat is current on their vaccinations, you can feel confident knowing that they can explore the outdoors and stay healthy.


  • Tip #3: Avoid placing your cat enclosure in an area that has been sprayed with harmful pesticides or contains toxic plants for cats

Outdoor solutions by Omlet

When it comes to creating safe and stimulating outdoor environments for indoor cats, Omlet leads the way with its innovative products designed to enhance the feline experience. 

The Catio

The Catio outdoor cat enclosure is a prime example of Omlet’s commitment to feline welfare and owner satisfaction. This spacious enclosure provides ample room for cats to roam, climb, and relax in a protected outdoor environment. With its durable construction and customizable design options, the Catio offers a secure and stylish solution for cat owners seeking to enrich their pets’ lives.

Freestyle outdoor cat tree

Designed to work inside your Catio, Omlet’s Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree is a versatile outdoor activity centre that allows cats to indulge their natural climbing instincts in a safe and controlled manner. With multiple platforms, scratching posts, and hideaways, this innovative structure provides endless entertainment for cats while promoting exercise and mental stimulation.

Catio tunnels

For cat owners looking to seamlessly integrate indoor and outdoor spaces, Omlet’s Catio tunnels offer a convenient solution. These specially designed tunnels connect the Catio to your home, allowing cats to move freely between indoor and outdoor environments while remaining safely enclosed. With their durable construction and easy installation, Catio tunnels provide peace of mind for owners and independence for cats, fostering a deeper connection between your pet and their surroundings.

Omlet and your cat

At Omlet, the relationship between pets and their owners is at the heart of everything we do. By asking the right questions and understanding our furry friends from a pet perspective, we strive to create products that enhance the bond between people and their pets. From innovative outdoor cat enclosures to interactive cat climbing trees and convenient tunnel systems, Omlet empowers cat owners to provide their indoor companions with enriching outdoor experiences while prioritizing safety and security, for calmer, more contented cats who’ll enjoy those cuddles on the couch all the more. 

Cat in hammock on Freestyle in Omlet Catio


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