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The Omlet Blog Archives: November 2017

FREE Delivery with ‘SANTAPAWS’

There’s only 23 shopping days until Christmas…. don’t panic, just sit back, relax and browse the Omlet website and if your order is over £50, delivery will be free!

From pet houses, to pet gifts, there’s plenty of present ideas at Omlet!

Looking to upgrade your Chicken Coop? Eglu’s are perfect in the cold weather as the  twin walled insulation will keen your hens cosy and warm. – view Eglu Chicken Coops here

Has Santa promised to deliver your child a pet Rabbit? Or perhaps your Guinea Pig is in need of a new hutch? Order the Eglu Go Hutch now

Did you know we make Outdoor Cat Runs ?? Perfect to give your cats the freedom to enjoy the great outdoors safely and securely – order today

Have you seen all the fabulous products we sell for Hamsters and Gerbils? There’s toys, treats, food, bedding and  more that your furry friends will love!  view the range here

Check out the recently launched Fido Studio with wardrobe? Designed like a piece of contemporary furniture, it is the perfect compliment for your home and a fantastic den for your dog to call their own – order today

Happy Shopping!


Terms and conditions: 

*Purchases must be over £50/€50 in total. Offer applies to Standard Delivery Service only. Quote Promo Code SANTAPAWS at checkout to claim FREE Delivery on your order. Subject to availability. Omlet ltd. reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any point. Omlet cannot take responsibility for third party supplier delays such as courier service.

Offer excludes the following items: Marriage’s Organic Layers Pellets – 5kg, Marriage’s Organic Mixed Corn – 5kg, Marriage’s Organic Starter Crumb – 5kg, Marriage’s Organic Growers Pellets – 5kg, Feed – Farmyard Layers Pellets – Non Organic 20kg, Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg and Mixed Corn 10kg, Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg Twin Pack, Organic Omlet Mixed Corn – 10kg, Organic Omlet Chicken Feed 10kg, Marriage’s Organic Layers Pellets – 20kg, Marriage’s Organic Mixed Corn – 20kg, Lenham Chicken Coop by Forsham Cottage Arks, Aubiose Bedding – 20kg, EcoBed Cardboard Bedding 20kg. Biolink BioDri Absorbent Powder 5kg, Easichick Bedding 10kg, Pillow Wad Mini-Bale Wood Shavings Large 3.6kg, The Beehaus Beehive – Yellow and The Beehaus Beehive – Green.

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Eglu Cube Mk1 Chicken House – Box Dimensions

Eglu Cube Mk1 (House Box A)
W1250mm x D250mm x H250mm 0.078m3 = 2.76 cubic feet
The box include: Base, Droppings Tray x2, Ladder, Partition, Eggboxes, Roosting Rack 25kg

Eglu Cube Mk1 (House Box B)
W1250mm x D700mm x H200mm 0.175m3 = 6.18 cubic feet
The box includes: Front Face, Rear Panel 14kg

Eglu Cube Mk1 (House Box C)
W1000mm x D850mm x H300mm 0.255m3 = 9.01 cubic feet
The box includes: Lid, Side Panel Left, Side Panel Right, Eggport 21kg

Eglu Cube Mk1 (House Box D)
W850mm x D850mm x H250mm 0.181m3 = 6.38 cubic feet
The box includes: Wheel Assy left and right, Super Glug, Grub, Shade, Fastener Pack. 16kg

Eglu Cube Mk1 (Run Box E)
W1200mm x D240mm x H1040mm 0.299 m3 = 10.55 cubic feet 20kg
The box includes: The run panels

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Cold Weather

The Eglu will keep your pets snug and warm in really cold weather. The Eglu has a special twin walled construction which provides an insulating layer in the chicken coop which keeps the interior warm in winter and cool in summer so that the hens are comfortable all year round.  If you live in a particularly cold area with lots of days and nights below zero or in an very exposed area for example next to the coast or on top of a hill then it’s a good idea to provide your pets with extra insulation in the form of an Eglu Extreme Weather jacket or blanket available on the Omlet website.

Hens are remarkably hardy and their feathers keep them very well insulated in very cold weather. They don’t mind snow but don’t like being damp so try to provide somewhere dry for them to shelter during the rain if at all possible. The only recommendations for winter are to make sure that the water feeder doesn’t freeze by taking it into the house or garage overnight and to make sure that hens with large combs don’t get them frost-bitten by rubbing on some Vaseline to protect them.

Another way you can help the hens is to feed them things which release energy slowly and therefore keep their bodies warmer for longer. Foods like wheat and oats are wonderful slow energy releasers so sprinkling wheat as a scratch feed in the late afternoons or making wheatgerm or oats into a porridge with warm water for an afternoon feed will keep their little bodies warm overnight and will not put too much weight on as corn would.

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How to Return an Unwanted Item

You can easily return an unwanted item to Omlet Ltd.

Please use the link below to the Royal Mail website, where you can easily create a free returns label. This can be attached to your returning parcel, taken to the post office who will return it to Omlet for free.

If you have any questions about our returns policy, then please don’t hesitate to call our customer services team on 001295 750094, Monday-Friday between 9:00am and 5:30pm.

Also if it is a large product you would like to return, then please contact customer services, who can arrange a free courier collection service for your items.

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How many chickens can be kept in the Eglu Go/Classic/Cube

Both the Eglu Go and Eglu Classic houses sleep up to 4 medium to large chickens, however the standard 2 metre run that come with them, are really only suitable for up to 2 chickens, as it is best to try and give each chicken about a metre of run each.

You can extend both the runs, 1 metre at a time, to make them longer which in turn allows you to keep up to 4 chickens… (If you want three chickens, purchase the standard Eglu with a 1 meter run extension, the chickens will be quite happy in a run this size)

The Eglu Go UP can sleep up to 4 medium to large chickens, but again the standard 2 metre run for the Eglu Go UP would only be suitable for 2 chickens. You can also extend the Eglu Go UP run by adding 1metre extensions.

With regards to the Eglu Cube, the house itself will sleep up to 10 small chickens, but with the standard 2 metre run, we would suggest between 4 and 6 chickens, 4 chickens if you were NOT going to let them free range and 6 chickens if you were. The Eglu Cube run extension can also be extended 1 metre at a time, and you can have as many 1 metre extensions as you require.

If you were to have an extension on the Eglu Cube run making it 3 metres long, we suggest the number of chickens be between 6 and 10 chickens, 6 chickens if you were NOT going to let them free range and 10 if you were.

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Black Friday Promotion – Save 25%

Save 25% off Fido Studio Dog Crates

Designed like a piece of contemporary furniture, the fantastic Fido Studio is more than just an indoor dog crate. It’s the perfect compliment to your home and fulfills your dog’s natural instinct to have a den that they can call their own.

Fido Studio is available in white and walnut in a 24″ and 36″ size.

Order now


Save 25% off Fido Studio Accessories

Maximise the potential of your Fido Studio with our fantastic contemporary range of Fido Accessories! From a handy Clothes Rail to elegant Storage BoxesStylish Wardrobes to Oh-So-Cozy Beds, we’ve got the perfect range to suit any pooch in any room of the house!

Order now

Hurry… This offer ends at midnight tonight!
No promo code required – prices have already been discounted by 25%

Terms and Conditions

25% off Fido Studio promotion is only valid on Monday 27th November. The offer includes the 24″ and 36″ styles in both white and walnut, with or without the wardrobe plus Fido Studio Accessories.  Discount has already been applied to the products when you order, no promo code required. Subject to availability. Omlet ltd. reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any point. Discount cannot be transferred to delivery or courses. Offer is only valid on fully priced items and cannot be used on existing discounts or in conjunction with any other offer. This offer excludes the Fido Classic Dog Crate. This Black Friday offer will end at midnight on Monday 27th November 2017

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Top 10 Christmas Gifts for your pets…







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Win £100 voucher with our Instagram Competition!

For the chance to win a £100 Omlet Voucher simply follow our Instagram page (omlet_uk) and comment on the competition with #Omlet! The competition will close on 29th November and the lucky winner will be randomly selected on the 30th November.

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Good Luck!

Terms and conditions apply: The competition closes at midnight on Wednesday 29th November 2017.  Entries are only applicable via Instagram. To enter please follow the Omlet Instagram page (omlet_uk) and comment on the competition image with #Omlet. The winning entrant will be selected and notified by social media on Thursday 30th November. The prize is a £100 Omlet Voucher. Omlet reserve the right to withdraw the competition at any point. Prizes cannot be transferred to cash. This competition is only open to UK residents. 

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