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Meet Widget, the star of our new Fido Nook Video!!

Widget was recently rescued from a dogs home and now lives with his owner Gill who is a professional stunt dog trainer!

Gill has trained many dogs over the years and is the founder of Stunt Dogs. who are specialist suppliers to the film, TV and advertising industry of trained animals.

Stunt Dogs have supplied many animals for films such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Snow White & the Huntsman, Sherlock Holmes II, Wolfman, Thor II, Young Victoria, The Duchess and many many more!

When we saw Widget we knew he was perfect for the Fido Nook launch video.

His skills include:

Down, Go to a mark, Sit, Sit up and beg, Speak, Stand, Stay and Walk Backwards

…and we’re sure we’ll spot him in lots of films and tv programmes in the coming months!

We asked Gill to tell us a little more about Widget…..

What Breed is Widget?     
Jack Russell terrier/Westie/Papillon

How old is he?
He is 12 months old

How long have you had Widget?   
Since November 2017, most of the Stunt Dogs live with my trained handlers but when I saw Widget I knew he was going to live with me.

Has Widget done much tv/video work?
He’s done quite a lot of work, commercials, TV and films.

Please tell me a little more about Widget… 
Widget is very outgoing, loves everybody and everything, he’s a huge character and loves to train and work.

Does he have a favourite toy?
All toys, he has a lot!

He’s got such a great personality I think he’s going to be a big star!

The Fido Nook is available from only £114.99  


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Crate Training Tips

Why Crate Train?

It’s very common for people to assume that crate training is cruel and that dogs don’t like small spaces, but it has been shown that dogs love a calm, safe place that they can rest in and call their own. A dog crate offers a place to train as well as a place to sleep at night. It offers security from loud noises like fireworks and thunder, and a place to snooze after a long and tiring walk.
Crate training is an important process in your dog’s life, and is really helpful with toilet training your dog, so you’ll want to make the experience enjoyable for both you and your pet. The key thing is to make sure that your friend is happy and comfortable in their crate. There are a number of things that you can do to reinforce the idea that this is a nice, safe space for your dog to be in.


Here’s 7 reasons why crate training is important for a new puppy:

Appeals to a dog’s instinctual desire for a den-like structure.
Sets a puppy up for success by reducing wee and poop accidents.
Prepares a pup for handling alone time.
Serves as a time-out device for pups and owners needing breaks.


Behavioural Health 
Discourages and reduces separation anxiety in many cases.
Gets pups used to confinement that may be required at the vet’s, the groomer’s and during car trips.
Transport Device 
Contains a pup if he is injured and his mobility must be limited.

Make crate training an enjoyable experience

  • Create a positive association with the crate using food and treats. Start feeding your dog near to the crate, and perhaps even put treats in the bedding. This way the idea of food, which is positive, will be associated with the crate.
  • Use a blanket. Covering the top of the cage will give it a more solid, den-like appearance, and may make some dogs more comfortable with using it.
  • Crate train slowly. You need to be patient with your pet, as this can be a bit of a difficult concept for them to grasp. If you rush training, it’s unlikely to stick, and this can create frustration for the pair of you.

You can secure a traditional dog crate in the Fido Nook when you are puppy training. Using the innovative quick release lock you can remove the dog crate whenever you want to transform the Fido Nook into the ultimate luxury dog kennel.

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