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Amazing Health Benefits of Eggs: Why Eggs Are Good for You

Eggs can be consumed in so many different ways and are also fantastic for our health, but do you know fact from fiction when it comes to what these health benefits are? Read on to crack the case…

Egg waffle recipe

Let’s break down the myths first…

Eggs do not cause bad cholesterol in your body and are not responsible for clogged arteries or cardiovascular problems.

When it comes to health and the consumption of eggs, one myth you may be familiar with is hearing that “eating eggs causes bad cholesterol and can lead to cardiovascular problems…”.

The idea that eggs cause bad cholesterol stems from the 1980s, before scientists demonstrated the health benefits of eggs. Whilst the egg yolk contains about 200mg of cholesterol, making it one of the foods with the highest amount of cholesterol, once ingested, this cholesterol does not remain in the body. About 25% of the cholesterol in the food we eat is absorbed by the intestine. 

About 75% of the cholesterol in the blood, as shown on your blood test, is produced by the liver. Cholesterol is the result of an unbalanced diet, made up of foods rich in saturated fats (butter, cheese, cold cuts, etc.), which will cause your body to over-produce “bad cholesterol”. Once again, eggs are not the cause of this. Your body is simply out of balance, notably by an inadequate diet, and ends up producing more cholesterol than it needs.

As with anything, it’s all a question of balance. A healthy person can eat up to 6 eggs a week. However, you should avoid eating fried eggs or eggs with toast and butter every morning. If you combine eggs with fatty acids, this is when you are more likely to increase your “bad cholesterol” levels. 

Eggs: a fabulous source of micro and macro nutrients

First of all, it’s interesting to know that an egg contains only 90 calories! And with two eggs you can make a delicious omelette – a meal that will keep you feeling full for a sustained period of time!

Whether it’s the yolk or the white, eggs are full of nutrients and vitamins that are useful for your body to function properly. For one, they contain carotenoids, an antioxidant that helps to fight against age-related diseases, especially eyesight. But not only that! 

Eggs are also rich in protein, (two eggs are equivalent to 100g of meat!) which aids with the functioning and maintenance of muscle tissues.

Furthermore, eggs are a great source of vitamins A, D, E, K, B2 and N12, as well as phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and minerals, all of which keep your body in perfect working order. 

In particular, the vitamin B present in eggs can help with your memory and concentration. As well as this, eggs can be consumed by pregnant women, with vitamin B9 playing a role in the growth and development of the foetus.

Eggs additionally contain Zinc (for hormone regulation) and with the proteins and vitamins they provide, eggs are a real ally for your hair! You can even find an abundance of recipes on the internet for caring for your hair with the eggs you have on hand. Top tip: one egg, a few drops of sweet almond oil (no more than 4) and a spoonful of honey and your hair will thank you! Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly. 

And let’s not forget how great eggs taste! Eggs are so versatile, allowing us to vary our meals, and recipes either sweet and salty. So whether you like your eggs fried, boiled, scrambled, in quiche, in cake or in pancakes, there is something for everyone!  You can find our latest cake recipes here, or maybe you’d like to try out a delicious banana bread? Or for the perfect pancake recipe click here.

How to choose your eggs

When it comes to choosing your eggs, the nutrient content may vary slightly depending on their origin. The Omega 3 content may be lower if you buy your eggs from a cage farm than from an organic farm for example. 

What does the marking on the eggs mean? 

0 = organic farming

1 = free range

2 = free range, indoor

3 = cage farming, with nest and perch

Have you considered keeping chickens yourself to benefit from the joy of collecting fresh eggs in the morning? As you have seen, eggs are useful for your body and delicious! Having them on hand, without worrying about going shopping, is a real pleasure. 

Omlet Egg Skelter with an egg being fried next to it

The Omlet Egg Skelter is the perfect way to display your eggs!

Omlet’s egg skelter will keep your eggs neatly arranged and stored in order of laying. This ensures that you always use the oldest eggs first, so there is no waste. 

Top tip: to tell if an egg is still fresh, take a glass of water and put the egg inside. If it sinks, the egg is still good, if it floats, the egg is no longer fresh and should not be eaten. 

Eggs have many virtues and benefits and it is good to eat them every week. The rule of balance on the plate is essential to have a balanced and healthy diet while enjoying delicious recipes.

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