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Discover the Amazing New Eglu Cube

Omlet are delighted to announce the global launch of the new Eglu Cube chicken coop.


The design of the new Eglu Cube was focused on just one thing, creating the ultimate chicken coop. Made with advanced manufacturing technology, this coop is extremely strong and durable yet surprisingly light, making it effortlessly manoeuverable. Aesthetically pleasing, the clean, functional lines not only look great but also make cleaning the coop a breeze.

The new Eglu Cube is also the safest chicken coop on the market. It has a patented locking mechanism that will outfox any predators and includes a steel weld mesh run, complete with Omlet’s unique anti-tunnel skirt, designed to keep any unwanted visitors at bay.

Omlet New Eglu Cube Lifestyle


Comfier, more discreet and easier to clean – the Eglu Cube makes light work of a large flock.  Inside the Eglu Cube, chickens will find a spacious roosting area with contoured bars to provide plenty of perching opportunities.  The nest box, complete with sliding door, is discreetly positioned off to one side for privacy during the crucial egg laying moment.

With space for up to 10 hens you could be collecting a staggering 60 eggs a week. Your family will enjoy an abundance of cakes, quiches and dippy eggs galore!

Omlet’s Head of Product Design Simon Nicholls said “With the new Eglu Cube we really wanted to push the boundaries of what a chicken coop could be.  This is definitely the most advanced chicken house we have ever designed, it’s safer for your hens, more comfortable and even easier to clean. It really is the ultimate hen house.”

Whether you live in a town or the countryside, are a first time chicken keeper or an experienced breeder the new Eglu Cube will delight owners and their hens alike.


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1 day…

She’s got the keys and it looks as though Mrs Barbara is ready to move in… 1 more sleep until we can reveal Mr and Mrs Barbara’s new home. Who’s eggcited?! #MovingDay


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3 days….

Mr Barbara has followed the chickies and has managed to send us a clearer image of where they’re headed, he sounds very excited about it and can’t wait for you to see it.

“I can see clearly now”…..well not quite but almost there! Hang on, only 3 more days until the big reveal….




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7 days…

It appears as though our little chickies have seen something intriguing….can you work out what it is? Their camera can’t quite pick out the details from this far away but we hope to bring you some clearer images as they get closer over the next few days.




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Eglu saves hens from flood, half a million chickens and cauliflower for everyone!

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Omlet Newsletter January 28th 2016


The BHWT has Rehomed Half a Million Hens!

Saturday was a day to remember for Omlet and the British Hen Welfare Trust. The hen charity celebrated a world first by rehoming its 500,000th chicken, and we were there to share the eggcitement.

The half millionth hen was named Dee, as ‘D’ is the roman numeral for 500,000. Following life as a commercial laying hen, she was lucky enough to be rescued from a sad ending by a new family that will love and look after her. Not only will she eggsperience a new life of freedom and happiness but she will do so in the luxury residence of an Eglu Cube, donated by Omlet.

BHWT local coordinator Laura McCulloch said: “To think the BHWT has given 500,000 commercial hens this opportunity is mind-blowing.” And we agree. It is fantastic to think that half a million hens have been rehomed and we were proud to be involved in the big event!

If you’re interested in rehoming a hen or two, please visit the BHWT website. See more photos of the day here!


Beatrix and Clan Star in Prize Painting!

In the last newsletter we revealed the winner of our ‘Win a Personalised Pet Painting’ competition and now we are eggcited to be able to share a sneak peek of the prize… Artist Nicola Metcalfe captured the characters of winner Wendy’s menagerie beautifully. (See photos of the gang here.)

The story goes that Wendy’s chickens terrorise her giant Maine Coone cat Beatrix. They go in the back door while she is out of the room and Dotty and Delilah distract Beatrix while Maggie steals her cat food. Apparantly even the runner ducks Jemima and Josephine ‘egg’ her on with a chorus of quacking.

What a cheeky bunch of so and so’s! Wendy loves her prize and we hope it makes you smile too.

Is your hutch looking worse for wear? It’s time for an upgrade!

Treat your Guinea Pigs to a New Hutch and Save over 10%!

Looking for a stylish new home for your guinea pigs, or thinking of keeping some for the first time? The Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch could be the answer! This is what Suzanne Locke had to say about her recent purchase:

“I bought two Eglu Go guinea pig hutches, one with a 1m run and one with a 2m run. I was lucky enough to live in the delivery and home setup zone, so no assembly difficulties for me, and my pets were enjoying their new homes in no time at all…. The hutches and runs are well-designed and a joy to clean. I’m so glad I made the investment.” by Suzanne Locke.

Good news! Order your Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch with 1m Run today for only £249 (usual price £299).

Use promo code: UKUPGRADEGH (valid until 29/02/15).

We also have great savings on our Eglu Go Chicken Coops and Rabbit Hutches – click here to find out more!


Eglu Protects Chickens from Catastrophe!

Eglus are built to survive all sorts of weather and last for years but we recently heard from one family whose coop withstood dramatic flooding! Paul told us:

“As you’ll have seen on the news, the flooding in Aberdeenshire since the turn of the year has been awful and when there’s heavy rain, the water runs down the sloping field behind our home and backs up against our boundary wall forming a little loch. After a week’s solid rain, that ‘little’ loch stood about four feet deep and held about 40 tons of water.

A 30ft section of the wall collapsed catastrophically last Thursday night in the middle of a snow storm, sending all that water flooding into the garden and the area at the back of the house, spilling masonry all over the place and creating a temporary new river down our driveway. Our Eglu classic sits about 15 feet in front of the fallen wall and must have taken the full force of the deluge as all the grass around is was flattened, and the chickens’ enclosure was filled with debris. But not only was the coop unmoved, it seems to have stayed completely intact so our girls saw the turbulent night out, dry if a little spooked by all the kerfuffle.

On reflection we thought that the Eglu’s aerodynamic shape and robust build must have been what allowed it to cope with our mini-flood, so with that in mind, we feel you can safely add ‘flood resistant’ to your list of the Eglu’s eggcellent qualities…. 🙂 “

More Strange Eggs in the Gallery!

Following our ‘egg within an egg’ feature in the last newsletter you have been sending in your weird egg pictures. Rosemary found a teenie tiny pekin egg which she fried and fed to her Cavachon puppy – it was just the right size! Amy discovered another tiny egg, but this one had no yolk. Ingham was another lucky recipient of an egg within an egg, and perhaps the strangest one so far…a shell less egg that looked more like a snake’s skin.

Keep your weird and wonderful pictures coming in! Send to

Tom’s Tasty Cauliflower Fritters

Transform one egg (and some cauliflower) into something tasty!

300g cooked cauliflower
2 tbsp chives
1 medium onion (finely diced)
1 tbsp flour
1/2 tsp freshly grated nutmeg
1 egg
salt and pepper
panko breadcrumbs
(or fresh breadcrumbs if unavailable)

1) Once cooked and cooled, mash the cauliflower with a fork or potato masher.
2) Add the onion, chives, flour, nutmeg and salt and pepper.
3) Whisk the egg and add to the mixture (if the mixture is very wet, add a tablespoon of breadcrumbs).
Chill for 30 minutes.
5) In a large frying pan, add oil (sunflower or similar).
6) Heat oil on a medium heat, until a few breadcrumbs added start to bubble and brown.
Form small parties from the chilled mixture and coat in panko breadcrumbs, or similar.
8) Shallow fry for a couple of minutes on each side until golden brown.
9) Drain on kitchen paper.
Serve with a squeeze of lime and sour cream.

New Products and Special Offers

Syn-Vital Bokashi – Great for your chickens’ digestive system and now on special offer due to a best before date of March – now £6 (was £8)

Little Miss Princess – A cute egg cup for the little princess in your life (or is that you?) – £5.95

Woodland Crumble -A tasty treat for garden birds and chickens. Discounted due to a best before date of 02/16 – now £1 (was £2.89)

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Lenham Chicken Coop

The Lenham Chicken Coop is designed to provide spacious accommodation for up to 12 chickens. Its simple design offers ease of maintenance and great access.

Cast: Omlet

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Eglu Go Hutch

The Eglu Go Hutch is perfect for keeping rabbits and guinea pigs in the garden safely. The Eglu Go Guinea Pig Hutch and run is suitable for two to three guinea pigs, and the Rabbit hutch and run is ideal for two pet bunnies. The plastic rabbit and guinea pig house is easy to clean and insulated, making it perfect to use all year round and both come with fox-resistant run.

Cast: Omlet

Tags: guinea pigs, rabbits and pets

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Eglu Cube Chicken Coop

The Eglu Cube is the ideal way to keep up to 10 chickens in a town or country garden. It is based on the same revolutionary technology as the original Eglu with slide out dropping trays, hose clean surfaces, twin walled insulated, no maintenance and our No Foxes Allowed protection. The Eglu Cube makes is easy to keep a larger number of hens in your garden and leaves you with more time to enjoy the pleasures of owning chickens

Cast: Omlet

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Eglu Classic Chicken Coop

The Eglu is everything you need and want from a chicken house. Offering a standard of living not seen before in chicken house design, it is fitted throughout with a slatted floor that allows droppings to fall cleanly away protecting your chickens from walking on a soiled floor. The integrated nest box is comfortably curved in all the right places to provide a cosy place to lay eggs. To make collecting your eggs easy, the Eglu Classic has an eggport which you can open from the outside giving instant access to the nesting area.

Routine upkeep of this fantastic chicken coop is a simple 5 minute task thanks to the slide-out dropping tray and fully removable lid. You can also be sure of the time and money saving benefits of owning an Eglu because it’s made from modern energy-efficient polymers that never need to be treated. The Eglu Classic is naturally weather resistant and will last for years. At the end of it’s life it can be 100% recycled.

Cast: Omlet

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Eglu Go Chicken Coop

The simple, stylish, straightforward way to start keeping chickens. The Eglu Go is the latest in the Eglu range and keeps up to 4 medium size chickens happy and healthy.

The Eglu Go comes complete with everything you need to get started. It has plastic roosting bars and a discreet nesting area which can be filled with straw or shredded paper to make a comfortable nest for your chickens. The freshly laid eggs can be plucked from the nest simply by opening the door at the back and can be served with some buttery soldiers in a matter of minutes – delicious!

You’ll find keeping your Eglu Go in tip-top condition a breeze thanks to its innovative slide-out dropping tray and wipe clean surfaces.

The optional (yet recommended) standard 2m run is made from strong steel weld mesh, virtually impossible for predators to break. A unique anti-tunnel skirt sits flat on the ground and prevents animals from digging in. The run has spacious vertical sides and gives your chickens plenty of room. You can extend the run in 1m sections if you wish. The Eglu can be positioned on grass or any other surface such as wood chippings or rough ground where the chickens can rummage.

The unique tunnel-proof panels have been proven in rigorous testing to be fox and badger resistant. The run means that when you are out and about you can be sure that your chickens are safe. The dark green coating is fused to the metal wires ensuring an extremely durable finish that looks great in the garden.

Cast: Omlet

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Boughton Chicken Coop

The Boughton is our best selling traditional chicken house and provides comfortable accommodation for up to six chickens. It is the ideal solution for the first time keeper. The Boughton is specifically designed for bantams and medium-sized birds.

Cast: Omlet

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